• An “Average” Day

    Posted on September 8, 2013 by in Uncategorized

    People always asked me while we were in the States, “What does an average day look like?” Here is yesterday:

    Woke up, did my quiet time, checked the rat poison, got ready for my day, and helped Abby with Adalyn. Then I met with a potential employee before heading over to the church offices. At the office I dealt with internet problems, opened up excel to sort finances, and signed checks for our Pastors’ support, orphan school fees reimbursements, and a contractor who is working on one of our churches. I skipped morning tea to hear the days problems, talk with the pastors coming to collect their support, and write another check for the Timau orphanage monthly needs. I also got to enjoy talking over some issues, discussing strategy going forward, and praying with some of the other key leaders. Lunch ended with a call saying the contractor who is doing the final touches (landscaping, clothes lines, outside drainage, etc.) on the school dorm had arrived. We (the head teacher and I) looked over his adjusted quotation drew up a contract and signed it. Work should be done in 3 weeks. The orphan money had been withdrawn so I organized the cash into budget categories to pass on to the caretakers. Time to follow up with people to make sure things planned yesterday were finished, collect receipts, and plan for the next couple days. Orphan girls glasses fixed, “check,” cook to get his health certificate, “check,” depart 6:30am on Friday for Meru for school visit and meeting with youth officer, “check.” Last matter for the day is to finalize a tentative schedule for a team coming in August. I was thinking that I might get the email out to them at home that night, but never got to it. On the way home to get dressed to unwind playing soccer with the boarding students, it started to rain so no soccer. Arrived home to hear about Abby’s day and play with Adalyn,my sweet baby girl. It’s 5 pm and as dinner is going in the oven, Abby remembers that it is Wednesday so out the door I run to prayer meeting. Dinner, play time, Adalyn’s bedtime, and then a couple hours for Abby and I to enjoy before bedtime.

    Not every day is this crazy, but the variety represents well the life of a missionary. One day I am in the office, the next I am sleeping on the ground in the wild sharing the gospel with those who have never heard the name of Christ. Sometimes I am an auto mechanic, a plumber, or a builder. This afternoon I am teaching drama to a group of our students and tomorrow I am acting as a parent to an orphan. Last week I was doing a needs assessment for someone wanting to dig a water borehole in a remote village. All of this is while learning Swahili and trying to be more Kenyan. The best part of it all is that the more I find my strength and satisfaction in Jesus the more I love what I do. My average day is helping people glimpse the Kingdom of Heaven so that God may be glorified.

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