Get Involved

This page is dedicated to those wanting to get involved through investing in projects. Abby and I are on a minimal budget for our first 2 years, and we welcome people wanting to donate generally to our ministry, either monthly or one time gifts. We strive to live as simply as possible in order to give away as much as we can. Still, we understand that people often have specific ministry goals and areas they would like to invest in. It is nice to know exactly where your money is going.

Below you will find various opportunities and needs. Please, support the causes that you prayerfully feel led to get involved in. This page will be updated and changed as needs arise and are met. If there is an area that you want to fund, but do not see it listed, please contact us and we will do our best to find the appropriate outlet.

Donate Old Items

In America, it is common to upgrade items when older ones become obsolete. This is often a necessity for compatibility as technology improves, but these old items don’t have to be doomed to a landfill or sitting in a drawer unused as a backup. They can be put to good use in Africa. CLICK HERE to view a list of useful items. Contact us and we will identify the best way to get your items over to Africa, usually through visiting teams or other missionaries on furlough. (If you have a problem viewing the list please email

Buy a Soccer Ball
It is estimated that over 20 million soccer balls end up in landfills in Africa alone each year. The hard ground and abundance of thorn bushes destroy balls. Some balls don’t even make it a week before popping and $50 leather balls rarely make it more than a year, needing frequent repairs. I have found a company that makes a virtually indestructible ball,

We are currently in a process of ordering a number of test balls. With shipping to Africa, each ball costs $36 (we will find out soon how much customs fees will be). If interested in investing in future orders, please let me know. These balls have the potential for lasting years (the website claims decades), and if we find that these test balls play like a real soccer ball, they will be a huge asset for churches, schools, and sports ministry programs. As an example from one tribally tense town in the north, the 2 main ways the dominant tribes interact peacefully are attending church and playing soccer. Imagine combining the two!