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    Posted on June 17, 2011 by in By Abby

    Wow, it has been way too long since we have blogged.  Please forgive us!  We have been extremely busy the past month, but we do plan on catching you up.

    Andrew’s parents came to visit from May 21st-June 7th. We had such a great time with them. Not only did we do lots of fun touristy things, but they were also able to come to our home in Nanyuki and see our ministry. 

    That is all I am going to say because Andrew is planning on giving a more detailed blog about this trip 🙂

    What I am going to write about is the team we had stay with us for the past week. 


    Tin Roof Society is a organization that sends teams to Kenya (and other countries) to do a variety of ministry work.  One of the goals of Tin Roof Society is to encourage their team members to get more involved in overseas ministry. Many people don’t understand third-world countries until they have experienced it, and they hope that by experiencing it, some might develop a burden to do more. 

    The team that came consisted of 6 people.  The leader, Josh, who is from Springfield, MO, and brought his 13 year old son, Kendon.  The other 4 are college students from Texas: Crissy, Megan, Morgan, and Michael.


    We had such a great time with this team!  The girls stayed in our guest bedroom, and the boys stayed in the house next door, which is literally about 10 steps away. 

    The team had already been in Kenya for about 4 days before they came to Nanyuki. They had been staying in Nairobi working at the World Hope Academy.  They spent a lot of time playing with the kids, as well as putting on a workshop for the teachers and making some visual aids for their classrooms.

    We met them at Trout Tree (yum!) their first day here, and then headed out to Naibor orphanage. The team stayed out at the orphanage that night, an experience that they loved!  The kids did a lot of singing and dancing with them, and they were able to walk to school with the older ones the next morning. 


    At the school that day, they put on another workshop for the teachers.  From what I hear, it went extremely well and the teachers loved them! 

    They stayed at our house the following night, and on Saturday morning we did a teaching workshop for our teachers here at Mt. Kenya Baptist School.  It was really a lot of fun.  The teachers are still talking about it!

    That evening we hung out with the boarders during their recreation time. We had our purity conference that night, and Morgan joined me for it. Seriously it went so well! The girls really opened up to us, we ended up going an hour late because they all had questions and wanted to keep talking!

    IMG_2363                               Josh preaching at Mt. Kenya Baptist Church on Sunday.

    On Sunday we went to church and then headed out to the Timau orphanage.  The boys put on a whole presentation for the team; singing, dancing, and reciting Scripture. They love to have visitors!  Since it was raining, we played an indoor game of 4 corners. They loved it! 

    After a few hours at the orphanage we headed back home to prepare an American dinner for the team….their first American meal since they had been here! And man did they appreciate it! 

    The team went on a Safari Monday through Tuesday morning, and they really hit the jackpot.  Not only did they see all the normal animals, but they saw 6 lions too!  Tuesday we took them to the animal orphanage where they got to feed monkeys, an antelope, and an ostrich…and we saw cheetahs!

    They stayed at our place one more time on Tuesday and headed back for Nairobi Wednesday morning.  As I am writing this they are on a plane flying back home to America.

    I really enjoyed this team being here with us.  They were a lot of fun, enjoyed all of the different things they did on the trip, and pushed through even when things were tough.  The girls were all sick for a couple days, but they did their best not to complain, and they jumped back into things when they could. 

    IMG_2792                                             Presenting some visual aids to a school in Naibor.

    I sensed through getting to know them that many of them have a heart for ministry.  I hope and pray that they were changed while here in Kenya, and that they will develop a burden to serve overseas!  (Hopefully Kenya!)

    To see more pictures from the trip, check out Josh’s pictures.

    IMG_2643                                    Josh, the team leader, and his son Kendon.