• A Small Girl’s Faith

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    This is an excerpt from an email with Pastor Onesmus Kibera, shared with his permission. It is the story of one of our nursery school students at Mount Kenya Baptist School whose Grandmother went home to be with the Lord.  

    This evening Jimi and I went to comfort a school family. One of the kindergarten children whose grandmother died this week.  Mama Faith Waigwa was a mother to three students, two daughters and a son, in our earlier years at MKBS.  

    Paul Waigwa (grandfather) and Faith Waigwa (daughter) went to the Outspan Hospital in Nyeri, Monday morning to check how wife and mother was. They met with relatives at the gate who informed them through gestures that all was not well. Mama Faith had passed on to glory.

    Faith fell down in shock, Paul’s legs became light he couldn’t hold himself up. They burst into tears.  The grandfather tried to explain to Sharleen Wambui (kindergarten child) that her grandmother was not there that she had gone to heaven.  At that juncture the child asked her aunt  Faith and her grandfather Paul, “But why are you crying?”. She told them, “grandma has gone to heaven.  Our teacher told us that Heaven is good and happy place.  Grandmother is in a good place.”

    Paul Waigwa, shared with us that, the Biblical training a Mt. Kenya Baptist School was effective enough; it was as though God sent His messenger through my granddaughter to keep hope alive that I will be with my late wife some day!  This testimony made my evening. Mama Faith was such a servant leader and Principal of Loise Girls Secondary School, a center of excellence in Laikipia County. I shared God’s word with the friends and family at their home near the old Mama Lilas residence. Congratulations to our teachers, and Sunday school teachers who share God’s word with young minds! 

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